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Thread: Graffik Eye QS

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    Graffik Eye QS

    I have a Graffik Eye QS w/ RR2 system and am installing a hi-lume 1% led driver. I should be able to control the driver through one of the zones of the graffik Eye directly without any modules correct? Just want to confirm what I read in the PDFs of the hi-lume drivers.

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    Hello dvpvic,

    Thank you for your post!

    There are 2 versions of the Hi-Lume Drivers. One is 2-wire and one is 3-wire. If you use the 2-wire you can directly wire it to the Grafik Eye QS. I have included a link to its spec sheet below.

    If you choose the 3-wire version you will have to use the PHPM-3F interface. I have included a link below to the PHPM-3F interface spec sheet and the 3-wire driver.

    2-wire spec sheet: page 33 is the Grafik Eye QS specs.

    3-wire spec sheet: page 37 is the PHPM-3F specs.

    PHPM-3F spec sheet: page 5 is the wiring diagram between the PHPM-3F and the Grafik Eye QS

    Hope this helps!

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