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Thread: Shared Scene in Action Tab on Conditional Program

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    Question Shared Scene in Action Tab on Conditional Program

    Is there anybody knows how to use shared scene in Actions tab on Conditional Programming ?
    I want to use my shared scene, so i don't need to remake the same scene in the action tab.


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    Write the logic you want when you choose "Run" then the drop down menu will show you your options,and 1 of them is shared scene. The logic has to be written first. You can not make a new action for a shared scene from what i can tell. It looks like it needs to be chosen with in the logic.

    See attached
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    I don't see it.
    thank you mcignarella.

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    Down at the bottom of the drop down menu it says shared scene. After you choose that you should Beatle to pick what shared scene you want as your action.

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    Ok i see it now.
    thank you mcignarella.

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