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Thread: Whole House very dim issue

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    Whole House very dim issue

    House is new custom home. Moved in August.
    All Lutron DV-CL153, or Leviton in wall sensors. Only switches are Master shower, Garage T8, Exterior wall LED's
    Problem is in recessed cans only.
    4" are Topaz RTL/437WH/90D
    6" are Feit LEDR56/830(c1)

    They have a couple power outages a few week ago. Since then they say that some lights stay on very dim.
    Can still raise lower but could not get them to turn off. Some they did not turn on came on very dim. Will turn off 5-10 minutes later.
    Also happens in areas with Leviton sensors.
    I have not been able to reproduce the problem.

    One night they turned lights off in the family and office on the way to bed but glow stayed on. Turned off dimmer in hall and "all went off"

    Our first technician found the dimmer in the family would not adjust to low end with the trim wheel and dimmer in kitchen did a "full bright" surge when turned on then settled in. He replaced both and the issues seem to be corrected.
    Had SDGE check transformer and utility side at main. Said he tightened 1 lug down very slightly.
    Issues is still happening.
    I checked all panels. Everything is tight and clean.
    They swear issue did not start until after power surge

    I know, non of these are on the LED list.


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    A wise old man (OK, he's my brother and is only 2 years older than me)once told me that 99% of electrical problems are caused by the neutral. The DVCL is a mechanical switch so getting feedback on the neutral makes some sense. As for troubleshooting, I would make sure all the neutrals in the panels are tight. Then I would disconnect the circuit neutrals one at a time. This would indicate which circuit has the faulty device(s). It could also be the arc-fault breaker that is issue.

    It is SOP for the utility to say they "tightened 1 lug slightly."
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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