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Thread: Set Smart-away using Nest "Away" mode.

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    Set Smart-away using Nest "Away" mode.

    Is it possible to set "Smart-away" using Nest's away mode? I've tried IFTTT integration, but for some reason "Smart Away" isn't one of the choices when setting a scene, only my custom scenes I've created.

    The reason I want to do this instead of using geo-fencing is more than one of us live in the house, and we are in and out at different times. I don't want the Smart Away to turn on when I leave home but my wife is still there.

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    Yes, it is possible to have Nest control Smart Away.
    - In the Caseta app, add Nest (Settings > Add Device > Works With Nest)
    - Then in the app, go to Settings > Arriving/Leaving Home.
    - At "What decides if you are home?" if you've added Nest to the Caseta app, you can choose Nest here.

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