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Thread: Venetian Blind Programming For A seeTouch Button

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    Venetian Blind Programming For A seeTouch Button

    Client would like to use a single button on a seeTouch keypad to open/close and change the tilt associated with a venetian blind; anyone have any creative ideas using press/hold/double tap conditional logic (using manual/auto sequences may be the best way to go here) to make that happen which is reasonable?


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    Hello jkvossen,
    Thank you for your post.
    I am assuming this is being programmed is HWQS? If so then a manual sequence would be a good basic solution. A conditional would be required if you only want the button to execute certain steps if it is for example fully closed. You can send us the specifics to and we can write a sample if you would like.

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    yeah, it's a QS system. I was also thinking about using a manual sequence in the same vein as the shade "open/close/stop" model; just add the tilt in there as one of the steps...thanks

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    Thanks for sharing.

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