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Thread: Lutron Interactive Project Extract Cannot Be Saved

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    Lutron Interactive Project Extract Cannot Be Saved


    I am looking at an old project that was not installed by us which is a HW Interactive system. The client has no backups of the project and we need to make some minor adjustments.

    I have managed to connect to the processor via RS232 and login. I am trying to extract the project and it seems to work however whenever I try and save the extracted file it comes up with an error dialog box:

    Module: modCmplr
    Routine: CreateMDBFromExtractFile
    Error Number: 53
    Description: File Not Found

    I have tried saving to existing file, saving to the root of C: with a 8.3 format file name etc. in case of any legacy file/dir path issues but this does not seem to make a difference.

    I have also run HWI as Administrator to ensure full access to the system.

    I do note that the downloaded file that appears in C:\Program Files (x86)\Lutron\HomeWorks Interactive\Download\Projects is "VBDB.ZIP.1" but is zero bytes in size, perhaps this is a clue to the nature of the problem.

    The only other point to note is that the last upload was at Minimum level but this should not affect the ability of the file to be saved.

    Any pointers would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    A minimum upload only transfers the operating database. A synchronized upload transfers the operating DB and a backup copy. When you extract you are downloading the backup copy. If the last upload was minimal the previous backup may have been partially or completely overwritten. Many times the backup database is corrupted.

    The VBDB file is one of several the system uses. On its own it has little/no value. If the extraction works you should be prompted for a file name. The program will add a MDB extension.

    On rare occasion, tech support can repair the database. Since your file has 0 bytes, that is probably a no go.

    A couple of tricks you can try... make your temporary database as accurate as possible in terms of processor type, quantity and address (i.e. processor 1 is a HWI-PO, processor 2 is a HWI-PM, etc.). Save your temporary file before you attempt to extract. I don't know why, but it makes a difference.
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    If I recall correctly, Tech Support also has a dedicated extraction tool for older HW product. This is stand alone and is yet another long-shot that may allow you to extract.
    More often than not in my experience it's a lot of time wasted once you find you can't extract easily. Rebuilding a working program from scratch isn't that difficult if you can bill the client for the time.

    good luck-

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    Thanks for the replies gents,

    Tech support do indeed have an extract tool however this fails as well, saying the file has been extracted but leaving a dialog box open that shows the extraction hanging on the very first byte.

    I suspect that the project backup on the processor is toast and tech support did concur.

    Reprogram required I feel...

    Thanks again

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