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Thread: My first schedule/scene.....Help

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    My first schedule/scene.....Help

    I am trying to create my first schedule for a wall dimmer via a smartbridge.
    I have set up a schedule to turn the light on and a separate schedule to turn the light off. Both schedules are active.
    The light neither turns on or off at the set time. I have set up a scene with the appropriate light but do not see the connection between the scene and schedules for that light.
    Some documentation would be helpful. any links?? I am obviously missing a few steps!

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    Have you made sure the dimmer is "activated'? Can you turn the light on and off that is controlled by that dimmer using the app?

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    I can turn the dimmer on and off through the apps

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    Have you tried creating a Scene with that light? If so, does it work?
    How far (in feet) is that dimmer away from the Caseta bridge?

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    I have been doing lighting control for a while. I still stumble on a couple of issues.

    1. Make sure you have the AM/PM reference correct. I use 12:01 to help avoid the DOH! moments.
    2. Make sure you have the levels set correctly. I still sometimes get the on/off settings backwards. DOH!
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    Thanks for the suggestions but the schedules magically work today. I suspect that Saturday is not a good day to program a weekly schedule because it is at the "end" of the program week.
    I still struggle with the use of scenes. Grouping several devices into a scene does not appear to define anything because the "on" /"off" definition along with the active flag and weekday are all in the schedule for a given device.
    What am I missing?

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