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Thread: HomeKit vs. Alexa

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    HomeKit vs. Alexa

    If a customer wants voice enables control, what is your go to on Amazon Alexa vs. Apple HomeKit/Siri?

    Can Radio RA2 keypad's trigger homekit scenes?

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    Hello, with multiple options for voice control through the Connect Bridge in a Radio Ra2 or Homeworks system, I would recommend seeing what other features your customer is looking for. Siri/Homekit has the ability to control each individual device without it being part of a scene, while Amazon Alexa and Google Home control scenes that are built in the Connect app. The only way that Radio Ra2 keypad buttons would be able to trigger a Homekit scene is if the scene is built to mirror the scene is built in Homekit. They would not be able to trigger the scene if it was only built in Homekit.

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    I personally use HomeKit, for a couple of reasons. All of my phones, laptops are apple products and I have an apple TV. I also have a door lock that works with HomeKit, so for me its a win win. Like Mike S. said that you have to rebuild the scenes in HomeKit separately as you can't activate keypad scenes from HomeKit. Really a bummer and I hope that is one thing apple will fix soon. But the upside is there are a few IFTTT automations that you can run on home kit that even the Lutron connect app doesn't support. For example, a Good evening scene is triggered if both my wife and I are home and it is after sunset (home kit uses its own geofencing on both our phones).

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    Can lutron trigger Alexa scenes? I have a customer that has some movable blinds that work with alexa. Is there a way to have the shade buttons trigger the alexa open shades?

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    I have a customer would like to have voice controlling air conditioner(with coolmasternet). Can Alexa/Siri call to specific temperature set point? Does Palladiom Thermostat need to be installed?

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