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Thread: Fireplace Blower Control

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    Fireplace Blower Control

    Homeowner currently has a Quadrafire 7100 fireplace. The blower motor is 0.93A/60W.

    Currently, it is wired to a rotary knob dimmer. Is my only option the RRD-8ANF (fan control), or would RRD-10ND also work? Homeowner would like to the infinity speed control that the rotary knob currently provides.

    Based on the manufacturer spec, the wiring is: Power Input->Dimmer->3 way switch->Blower. The fireplace has 2 modes, automatic and manual override, which is what 3 way switch is doing, toggling between both modes. (Page 22).

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    The 10ND is not rated for a motor at all. The 2ANF has 4 speeds and is rated for a "permanent split-capacitor motor." You should contact the manufacturer and verify the type of motor.

    The wiring diagram is incomplete. It shows a sing-pole switch used as a bypass. Since it is in series with the rotary control, it is not clear what it is bypassing.
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    I have reached out to the manufacturer to get clarification on the motor type. The fireplace is capable to automatically turning on its fan motor and adjusting the speed based on the temperature of the fire. The single pole switch, switches the unit from automatic mode to be controller by the rotary dimmer.

    Thanks for the response Randy.

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