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Thread: RA2 Level 2 Class

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    RA2 Level 2 Class

    I am thinking of taking the Level 2 class, mostly so I can get the inclusive software. For those that have attended, how was the class?

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    I've been to a a few Lutron classes. They are always well planned and executed. Lutron tries to put students with different skill levels in each class. The good in some ways but sometimes you get mired in the details.

    If you have done much RA2, Inclusive isn't a big step.
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    I went to a level 2 class being an electrical contractor who had never even installed a single ra2 system previously and it was very much worth it. The Lutron engineer was great, the other people attending the class were great. I really wish Lutron offered more classes more frequently. I am going to a level one class coming up that's being hosted a by our local supply house even though I'm already a Level 2 installer just to refresh and maybe hear about some new stuff. I don't care how many online courses there are, the in person classes are massively useful and a must have through the learning process.

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    Originally Posted by Gmgarland46 The class by our supply house was great and I wanted to share my experience with the customwritingcompany updates. We had a chance to do projects in groups too. And simple engineering tasks were checked at once by the instructors. They explained everything and there was time for questions too.
    Hi @Gmgarland46, will this class help me get an internship (beta tester position at )? I found another messageboard and asked there too: Viva the RA-Volution (dedicated to Lutron's RadioRA2). I don't know if I need it though.

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    "Viva the RA-Volution"!! Man that is OLD!! That site had a direct influence on this site being created. It was started by Jimm the San Diego area rep back around the start of 2010. I haven't logged in for about 9 years. I'm surprised it's still up. For your question, I don't believe it would help you get a beta tester position. If you were working for an electrician or integrator, it would be a bonus. Beta testers often go way deeper into the firmware than we ever have access to and are privy to the actual code being written and used.
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