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Thread: G4 20W LED Daylight Bulbs

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    G4 20W LED Daylight Bulbs

    I've searched the forum and Lutron's site and haven't found anything on this yet. Just wondering if anyone has had any success finding small G4 Bi-Pin 20W Daylight (White Light) bulbs that are remotely compatible with either the Caseta Dimmer or Switch.

    I had gotten some LED ones off Amazon for a hanging chandelier and they're not compatible with the Dimmer or Switch. Basically the switches don't even recognize them unless there is a halogen plugged in.

    So overall, regardless of LED or not, does anyone have a G4 Bi-Pin 20W Daylight bulb they would recommend?

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    Hello Woodford,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, at this time Lutron does not have any recommended G4 bulbs. We have noted this to the proper team for you. We would recommended using halogen or reaching out to the LED manufacturer regarding compatibility. Some LED manufacturers will test their bulbs with dimmers and have specific compatibility lists.

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    Thank you for your post! It is rarely to find a G4 Bulb which is compatible with Caseta Dimmer. It I have been used a E26 Bulb for a long time. It is limited compatible with specific dimmers.

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    Similarly, I am trying to find an ST19 filament 60 watt bulb compatible with the Toggler Dimmer TGCL1530PH as this is the dimmer our builder's electrician plans to use. Wondering how often the compatibility list is updated. I've been using the Lutron Compatibility tools and I can't find any matches. It's looking like it will make better sense for us to tell our builder not to install this particular dimmer. Instead, we need to pick the bulb we want and then find what dimmer will support it. . Does anyone have any suggestions? The light fixtures I have all have exposed bulbs and it would be really neat to use the filament bulbs. Looking for the clear bulb with high lumens and K for dining room. Had no idea buying lightbulbs was going to be so complicated. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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    Hello Tjsmith,
    We are sorry to hear of the issues you're having with finding a filamented LED bulb. Most filament style LEDs do not meet our standards for dimming performance. The only filament style LEDs that we can currently recommend are the following.

    Hope this information helps!


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    Thank you, Justin. This is very helpful.


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