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Thread: Unpaired Pico Remote - Now Getting HomeKit Error Message?

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    Unpaired Pico Remote - Now Getting HomeKit Error Message?

    Hello All,

    First time posting here! I have recently been getting an error message that I think is due to a recent action I took.

    I have two Lutron Caseta (PD-6WCL) dimmers that I successfully paired to the Lutron App - that then showed up in the Apple HomeKit app. I set the lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise (they are the lights that illuminate the outside of my house). Things were working perfectly for the past week. I set this automation using the HomeKit application.

    Today - I paired a Pico remote using the Lutron app to turn both the lights on and off. Several hours later, I realized I had no use for this feature anymore and deleted the pico remote from the Lutron app. Then, when I went back into the Apple HomeKit app, I noticed a message: Family Room is Not Responding.

    This is weird because I don't even have a Family Room! My two rooms are: Driveway (two dimmers) and Default Room (which has my Lutron Smartbridge in it). I have even deleted both the lights from the Lutron app (and I checked that the Pico remote is no longer paired), restarted my iPhone, unplugged the Smartbridge, reinstalled the lights, and checked HomeKit. Still the same error message!

    Any advice?

    Thank you!

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    Did you check in the Rooms section of the Apple Home app for a Family Room?

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