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Thread: Set up Caseta wireless without a smart phone?

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    Question Set up Caseta wireless without a smart phone?

    Wondering if it's possible to set up Caseta wireless system with a bridge without a smartphone just with a PC? If so, how?. Alternatively, how could I use my iphone to set up someone else's Caseta system with a bridge on a one time basis without screwing up my own Caseta system? After it's set up they would be using Alexa or Google Home to control it so would not need a smart phone. Just doing this as a favour for someone


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    It's not possible to set up the Caseta system from a PC. It is a completely app-based system.

    You can use your existing Caseta app to set up someone else's system. You would first sign out of your system (Settings > Account > Sign Out), then go to Get Started, create a new email address account for your friend, and follow the steps in the app to set up their system. Once you set up their system, sign out of their system and sign back in to your system.

    Since each bridge requires an individual email address linked to it, the two systems are separate, and the Alexa and Google Home systems would be separate as well.

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    That’s pretty much what I figured. Thanks for confirming it.

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