I know that Radio Ra 2 is designed as a less functional alternative to QS / Homeworks at a lower price point, but there are some features that I think are essential even to Ra 2. Most of which would help to save the installer / programmer time

1) Unaffected lighting loads from a keypad button. This can be done in Radio Ra 2 from a Pico, but why not a standard button? It is very frustrating to have to somehow affect every light in a space or add a specific "Off" button for each room just to make sure that all of the loads are turned off.

2) Shared "Pathway" scenes. If would be great to have a button type of Shared ( Path of Light ). We use Path of light programming all the time to get scene LED feedback on a toggle button, but it wastes a lot of time and causes a lot of mistakes to have to track every button that has the same logic on it but can't be setup as shared.

Those are the two biggest ones I can think of for now.

Thank you for your consideration,