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Thread: Need help - Downlights

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    Need help - Downlights

    Hi Folks.

    I need some help. In the process of doing a remodel and I have committed to Caseta (have done some preliminary testing and love the system).

    My challenge is I'm going to convert / add quite a few LED in ceiling cans (would prefer 3" - some of which I would like to rotate / gimbal) and I have found the compatibility tool a bit of a challenge.... (not bashing Lutron - as I expect it's a mammoth job to verify every fixture on the market).

    Anyway - has anyone had any success in this area, or found a product of this type they're happy with?


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    I would stick with the name brands - Halo, Juno and Nora has come a long way in the last few years. Especially in the specialty can area (like 3"). All of them should have a list of compatible dimmers. Avoid anything that says, "Any incandescent dimmer," etc.

    Lutron's testing is more detailed but they only test fixtures that manufacturers submit for testing.
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