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Thread: smart Wireless occupancy sensor

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    smart Wireless occupancy sensor

    Hello first time poster, Home owner 3400 Square foot home with some understanding of Smart solutions.

    My first challenge is to get the lights under control
    Everyone in my house only know how to turn them on!!!
    I am trying to figure which smart system will take care of my needs.
    I have a home with just a couple wired internet connections. SO i am needing a system that will work 98% wireless .
    obviously i want to start off with the most up to date system and build it as i move forward.
    The first task is to get some simple occupancy sensor wall switches. in the Garage, mudroom, and a few choice rooms that everyone leaves on.
    Next I have a lot of can lights in my kitchen/ dinning room area on multi switch wall mounts that i would like to have smart choice lighting with dimming as well as a remote smart Wireless occupancy sensor that would work like a wall occupancy switch. for all that i wants on that paticular sensor
    I am probably going to add a couple of wifi thermostats in the near future and may something later like Ring or something similar.

    I also have a office/ shed with a wired connection that i would like to extend to.

    I do not mind spending a few dollars for the (Hub) i just want some advice on where to start.

    Thank you in advance
    Doug Lehman

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    Well you got couple options. In your case for a DIY setup you can look into the RadioRa Select or Caseta. I would go with Radiora2 but you'll need a distributor to order from and take online courses to get level 1 certs to get the software.

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    Thank you for the answers.

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