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Thread: Lutron Homeworks 4, Add Control4?

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    Lutron Homeworks 4, Add Control4?

    Hi, I bought a home that has a Lutron Homeworks Interactive 4 lighting system throughout the entire home. I wanted to be able to get an app to control the individual room lights on and off. I was wondering if there is a Control4 solution or Savant that would work? I didnt want to have to replace the Lutron system because Im sure it would cost more than my car lol. Any suggestions and also a price ballpark with the options?

    Thank you!

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    Hello xyber,
    Thank you for your post.
    The Lutron Home Control + app works with Homeworks Illumination. If you require assistance with setup then please contact a Homeworks professional. You can find on from our website.

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