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Thread: 4 Way Switch - Caseta Dimmer

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    4 Way Switch - Caseta Dimmer

    First - I am a novice. Important to note since any replies have to be given in laymans terms.

    I hired an electrician to install Caseta dimmers in mykitchen to work with my smart home system. I bought the dimmers and he told me he could not install them becausethey were single pole.After doing myown research I let him know that they could be used for multi-pole but thatonly one was truly ‘wired’ and the others were installed as remotes but looklike a normal face plate (I bought the remotes) – with the wires capped in the junction box.(Forgive me if I’m using the wrong terminology).Long story short – the electrician has notyet come back to fix this (over a week) and I was left with wires hanging outin my kitchen and frustrated because I have kids and afraid they would gethurt.SO, I decided to try to do itmyself.I have installed switches beforebut of course, this one is different.One of the switches was a basic wiring that I knew, so I put the wired dimmeron that switch.I flipped theelectricity back on, it worked.Then Iwent to the next switch that controls the same lights.It is a 4-way switch.I tried just capping the wires each by themselves (notconnecting any) and that didn’t work – just dark.Then I tried putting like wires together andcapping them (blacks, whites, reds) and the lights won’t turn off.I flipped the breaker back off so nothing badhappens.Can you please tell me what todo to cap the 4way switch so I can put the ‘remote’ plate over it and have mylights work?

    Thank you in advance

    When I get home I will take a picture and try to post it.

    Livin in the dark J

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    You are correct, the 6WCL is a single location dimmer. You install Pico Remotes in the other locations.

    3-way switches are basically A/B switches. Power comes in on one end and goes out at the other end. There are 2 conductors (travelers) between the two. These connect the A and B terminals on the switch. If both switches are lined up to A or B, the light will be on. If you have more than 2 locations, there will be 4-way switches between the 3-ways. 4-ways are a weird device that alternates the travelers, either A-A/B-B or A-B/A-B. Don't worry, you won't be using them anyway.

    You will need to identify the travelers (normally black and red, from same cable), the switch leg (wire to light, normally black) and the power in (normally black). You can find the instructions at the link below. The wiring diagram is on p.35. You can install the 6WCL at either end but not in the middle.
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