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Thread: Philips requires version 2 of Lutron Diva dimmer

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    Philips requires version 2 of Lutron Diva dimmer

    I have Philips Warm Glow BR30 floodlights; also, Philips Vintage candelabra bulbs.
    The latest Philips dimmer compatibility tool (7/2017) requires this Lutron dimmer: DVCL-153P v2
    I do not see a way to purchase version 2 of this model.
    Other versions of this switch (e.g. DVCL-153PD) are not recommended.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hello Charles SC,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, version 2 of this product was discontinued in 2014 and is no longer available for purchase. We would recommend reaching out to Philips to see what BR30s they have tested and approved with our version 3. Or use our LED Product Selection Tool, found at to find compatible BR30s for the version 3 DVCL.

    As a note if you use our tool, we do not have any Edison/filament/vintage/nostalgic LED BR30s listed on any of our compatibility lists or tools. We have conducted testing on a variety of manufactures that offer these types of LEDs, however we are unable to recommend any of them due to unsatisfactory performance.

    Hope this helps!

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