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Thread: Bathroom Night Light dimmer?

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    Bathroom Night Light dimmer?

    Unless I'm missing something, there is no RA2 dimmer with any kind of night light in the switch. I'd like to replace two Diva dimmers with locator lights, which are appreciated for late night bathroom trips. What are others using for this use case? Just relying on the Maestro dimmer LEDs level indicators? I know there's a Pico with night light, but that's not a great option when the dimmers have to be on the wall anyway.

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    Correct, there are no RR2 dimmers with backlit buttons. I find locating the dimmers more of a memory thing. I rarely look at the dimmers.

    The white Pico is pretty cheap. You could put one at the bedside for a path to the bathroom.

    My Facebook feed is littered with ads for a wallplate with built-in LEDs and a photocell. I've also seen the plug-in version with a LED. Inexpensive and cheap to operate.
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    How about a hybrid keypad (you could pick one with a limited number of buttons). They are backlit.

    If you are looking for a simple locator light to find the switch in the dark, all of my RA2 dimmers have dimming indicator LED's that turn on when the light is switched completely off. I actually find it really annoying. I would like all the LED's off when switched off.

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    Thanks both. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. It's not that big a deal, the row of LED's on the dimmers should be sufficient.

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    Use a Hybrid Keypad, you can adjust the brightness of the backlighting within the software. Used it couple times set on high brightness in certain setups.

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    There is a Pico with the nightlight option. I've set them up in places where you might not have constant lighting. Like on a console table behind a theater setup, the little half-moon icon on the center of the Pico is 'just enough' to be able to make it out if the room's gone dark. Like after falling asleep in there, and my usual 3am "all off" timeclock event turned out all the lights in the house.

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