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Thread: Alexa can't find Smart Bridge Pro

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    Alexa can't find Smart Bridge Pro

    Alexa won't find my Smart Bridge Pro. I've found the skill, added and linked the account but when I try to discover the device, it doesn't come up.

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    I had to move Alexa around to get her to find my RR2 bridge. Once she did, there didn't seem to be any restriction on placement.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Also, make sure that both Caseta and your Echo/Dot are on the same WiFi network.

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    Alexa recognizes dimmers but Dot won't

    I have a similar issue; Alexa upstairs will see and recognize my two light areas on separate dimmers, but the Echo Dot downstairs won't recognize them.
    Cannot seem to fix in the Alexa app. Need help.

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    Lightbulb Solution

    Follow these steps, I think it will work,

    1.Check for device or setup issues
    2.Connect to the same Wi-Fi network
    3.Turn on SSDP / UPnP on your router
    4.Discover your devices again

    If not then follow other guides too.

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