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Thread: IFTTT for a mini-golf course

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    IFTTT for a mini-golf course

    I have a unique situation where I have a mini-golf course and they're wanting a repeating "scene" where we have a lightning strike.
    There are several lights involved.
    LED Tape Valance - 300-400W on 2 drivers.
    Pot Lights
    Cave lights
    Course Lights

    There might be another general light in there.

    So every 15 minutes they'd like the lights to dim and the strobe to go off to simulate a lightning strike and ideally a thunderclap.
    If I'm understanding this correctly, this could potentially all be done using RA2 Select, Google Audio Chromecast, and IFTTT. Is that true or is this a bad idea??

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    I would look at what is initiating the lighting strike. Can you get a CCO or Ethernet/RS232 command from it? You would need this for IFTTT as well.

    Caseta and RA2 Select have clocks but no timers. You would have to create a time clock event to dim the lights and an event to return them x4 per hour, x? hours the lightning strike is operating.

    I found IFTTT to be very clumsy. I know it will do some calendar functions but I don't think it has a timer/clock. It does talk to Caseta but I haven't seen anything official on RA2 Select.
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    Ideally, it would just be on a repetitive timer or something. I've never been asked for something like this before and I've never worked on/with IFTTT but thought it might be a solution. I'm not sure it is.

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    IFTTT is not reliable enough to depend upon it. If you want this working then consider using something local to do it. Various entry-level 3rd party control systems exist (homeseer, openhab, home assistant, are but a few) that could be considered for something like this. Better to have on-site and reliable than dependent upon a lash-up of internet dependent services. Don't get me wrong, cloud-based systems have their merit, but sometimes a simple setup running on-site can offer a lot more reliability for not much cost.

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