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Thread: Alexa Lutron Connect Skill - Geographically Restricted?

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    Alexa Lutron Connect Skill - Geographically Restricted?

    I have had this skill enabled in my home, and it worked fine, until yesterday. All of the sudden, Alexa did not recognize any of the commands that I issued to turn lights off or on. I decided to disable and re-enable the Lutron Connect Skill on my Alexa account via the Alexa Web App. Once disabled, i was not able to re-enable and get the following error message:

    you are not eligible to enable this skill due to geographical restrictions

    Has anyone encountered this? I am not in the US. I am in the Cayman Islands.

    Appreciate any input. I had this working so well on two echo dot devices that I just purchased 7 more to put around the house, but now if this does not work in the Cayman Islands, it would appear that I have wasted about $400 in echo devices that I don't have much use for otherwise.

    Thanks.... MP

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    It has something to do with the way Amazon is setup in different countries. There are some workarounds on the web if you search for that error description.
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    After exhaustive searches, address changes, cookies purges and VPN connects to try and get this fixed, I resorted to contacting Amazon about the issue via their live chat. They resolved the issue successfully in about 5 minutes! Everything is back up and running (however I still need to re register 4 devices that I took off line to attempt fixing the issue on my own).

    Hope this helps anyone else with a similar issue.

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