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Thread: activating devices over wifi

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    activating devices over wifi

    this is lifted from a Ra2 thread:

    " I've noticed RR2 works fine if everything is perfect but if you're working in a house with multiple wifi access points and walk around to activate them, the system can be interrupted while wifi hands off to another access point and the results are bad."

    I'd like to know more about what is going on when this happens- it seems to happen with HWQS too.

    I had the problem recently with activating Ecosystem fixtures. I had set up a decent temporary wifi with a managed router and 2 access points. When we set up this temp wifi for lutron at our office I was clear that mutlicast had to be allowed on the network.

    I was activating 6 ecosystem links over 4 floors of a large house. I found the same problem as described above- if you walked just a little too far your PC would continue to report that it was on wifi, but the activation would fail. You would also be dumped into some weird limbo where you couldn't activate any more devices, even if you retreat to where you weren't having problems. You could then wait for the system to try exiting activation, but that would not work. What was really weird was you could test the lights on the link with the software but you couldn't activate.
    I found after several failures that the simplest thing to do was cntl alt delete, close the program, restart. You would lose the activation of any devices that you had not saved before the hiccup, but once the hiccup happens you're going to lose those even if you wait it out. After restart there is a ten minute wait because of the long wait time involved with getting an ecosystem link into activation mode. I would then leave my PC where it was working best and then run back and forth to identify fixtures.

    Does anyone know what the problem is when this handoff between waps seems to occur? I recall something like this years ago activating QS wired devices (keypads) back when we were running 5.0 to 6.0 QS but that seems to no longer be a problem.

    Generally when I'm getting a lutron system commissioned I don't have anything more than the wifi I bring with me. Any help from the crowd here on the best way to activate a large ecosystem job with temporary wifi that is reliable would be very appreciated.

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    I had this problem some time ago. My network guy told me he had to enable something (mutlicast??) on the access points. What ever he did, the issue seemed to go away.
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