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Thread: Problems after power failure or over-voltage

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    Unhappy Problems after power failure or over-voltage


    Owner of an apartment already equipped with a Lutron Homeworks Series 4 system (see picture)
    Attachment 712
    Attachment 713

    My system has 6 switches for 6 pieces.
    He manages scenarios like "extinguishing the entire apartment", "sifted", or lighting certain lights and not others.

    I come here unfortunately to know a little more this system because I suffered a power failure that affected my installation.

    Following this breakdown (or over-voltage) my lights did not respond anymore (switch or app Home +)

    I noticed a red LED on the processor turned on, the "E" under the Led "Status" 1,2, P and E.
    And also a red LED on the LINK 5 (RX)

    When pressing the button (any) the lights came on with a delay of 2 to 3 min (see more or never)
    My system worked very well before this cut, my internet box was also affected, so replacement.

    After a difficult night (it makes think), my system works again but with the LED RX always on link 5.

    Now my questions are:

    - Where to find the software for my system?
    - How to find the username and password (I only have the Home + app)
    - Buy an RS-232 cable (easy with amazon)
    - Can it be the black diet that has been affected? (seen on another topic) and where to get one of the same voltage or capacity?

    thank you in advance for your help, and sorry for my english translated because I am french with notions but not as good as i would like ...

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    Lutron had a homeowner version of the software. You may have to call tech support to get it though.

    Most dealers did not change the default password for the programming software. Even if they did, connecting by RS232 does not require it. User names and passwords for the app will be listed in the software. The software allows connection via Ethernet so you may not need the cable.

    If you unplug the connector from link 5 and the Rx light goes out, one or more of your devices are bad. If it stays on, the link is bad. If the link is bad, you can use link 4 (currently unused on your system) but you will need to move the devices in the software. If a device is bad, you will need to find which one(s). The LED that is behind the white plate should be blinking once per second. If not, that is likely the culprit. You will need to get link 5 working first.

    The black power supply only powers the keypads. You won't be able to tell if it is bad until you get link 5 working. Lutron only sells them through dealers. The processor gets power from the 2 small stab-on connectors at the bottom left of the processor. DO NOT touch these. They break very easy and require soldering to fix.

    Your English is way better than my French!
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I am a new user of the forum, I am French and I get exactly the same problem since a power failure this morning. It was a short one, one minute between power off and on.

    I have the same system described above and I have these symptoms :

    - none of my 10 keyboards is working, there is light on each but none work. I did not see any blinking light on them.
    - the RX led on link 5 is red

    In my case Link 5 is connected to a 4 channels Lutron dimmer and Link 4 to 2 On/Off Lutron switches. When I unplugg the link 5 connector, red light go off. I can also shut down dimmer 220v AC and the red led goes off also. After Link 5 is unplugged, none of the keyboards work.

    Through the Lutron Web Interface, everything is working, even each of the 4 dimmers !!

    I already ordered a new TE240-15DC-9BL power supply but I am not sure it will solve my problem.

    Keyboards seem to be connected to Link 4 as the light stay on on each even when Link 5 is unplugged.

    Any idea ?

    How did you solve your problem ? only by power supply change ?

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    Here a photo showing leds

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180802_171341_resized.jpg 
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    I made an error, the keyboards are connected to Link 6, not 4.

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