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Thread: Where to get full line of Caseta hardware?

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    Where to get full line of Caseta hardware?

    I am planning my Home Automation System and will be purchasing 30+ modules, all in black, so I need to have access to the complete line of Lutron Caseta switches and accessories. I have found some of their stuff sold everywhere, but it seems each Retailers only carries a part of the line. Can someone point me to where to purchase all options such as:

    1. WALL SWITCHES - Both Dimmer and Non-Dimmer (for flourescents)
    2. POWER MODULES - Both Dimmer and Non-Dimmer
    3. CONTROLLERS - I need the ability to control two switches from one location.
    4. CONTROL ONLY MODULE - I have one switch that was in the bad place and has a TV mount installed over it. Right now I have an Insteon module without a physical switch that is controlled by a Controller in another location. Does Lutron make a controller for this type of condition?

    Thanks everyone!


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    Head to an electrical wholesale supplier or Pro AV supplier that has Lutron. Most likely they will need to order the black, as white seems to be the standard.

    1. five options, with and without neutral.
    2. not sure what you are looking for, something inside the fixture? Lutron does not make these, just the switches and dimmers
    3. this would be the PICO, and there are several flavors to chose from, but no PICO can actually control a power source
    4. This again would be the PICO.
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