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Thread: Caseta Dimmer PRO with Magnetic step down transformer and 50 watt MR16

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    Caseta Dimmer PRO with Magnetic step down transformer and 50 watt MR16

    I have just installed a new Lutron Caseta PRO Dimmer PD-10NXD replacing an operating Lutron SPSLV-600. The load is a single Iris recessed can with a 12 volt, 50 watt MR-16 lamp. This fixture includes an integral magnetic step down transformer, 120V 50/60Hz input, 12V, 50VA nominal output. I have wired the Dimmer as instructed including the white neutral. This is s single-pole installation, so the blue wire is simply terminated. See the attached image.

    All other Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL dimmers in the same J-box operate correctly. When the circuit is turned on:
    I can detect voltage in the Blue, Black and Red wires but not the White wire
    The lamp does not turn on.
    Each of dimmer LED's flash on briefly from bottom to top, then after a three second delay, the top and middle LEDs begin flashing quickly.

    See the attached video.

    According to the Caseta Wireless Advanced Installation Guide, Troubleshooting, page 73, these symptoms indicate, "Product detected an MLV fault (PRO Dimmer only) Connect Neutral to the dimmer (required for MLV load)."

    As I have connected the Neutral to the Dimmer, what do you suggest?

    Thanks so much for your help.
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    I have seen similar behavior in the Maestro Wireless line. Try swapping the black and red wires. When the line and load on the dimmer is incorrect, the "fixture" usually might come on very low (or not at all) and have no dimming capabilities. After the swap when this had happened, the dimmer would work fine.
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    You said it was a single pole but it appears you have it connected to a 3-wire cable. This would imply there is another switch somewhere. Or worse, a junction somewhere where they split the cable into 2 separate switch legs.
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