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Thread: LEDs on switch work but lights do not

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    Unhappy LEDs on switch work but lights do not

    I am installing an in-wall switch to replace a standard switch, as I have a dozen times now without incident, however this time I am having issues. The LEDs all indicate power going on, the app all works with the remote, but the lights don't do anything. They just stay off. I'm very confused about why this would happen. TBH, it is a new house, and the lights are exterior, so I'm not 100% sure what's out there, but I thought Caseta should be able to handle replacing a standard switch, as it has elsewhere. Any ideas? Is the Caseta damaged? All that was available was the black wire to the original switch - I tried hooking it up both ways that but had no change or effect.

    Thanks in advance

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    Check to see if there are built in photo cells on the lights. Would look like a small black button, maybe with some wires going across. If you see this on the light, on on a separate box somewhere else, cover it with some duct tape and see if the switch behaves normally. If so, I would bypass the sensor and use scheduling for the exterior lights. You can always then override from the switch/dimmer.
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