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Thread: Paddle fan control causing led lighting flash when changing speeds

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    Paddle fan control causing led lighting flash when changing speeds

    I have a 35 year old paddle fan that shares a circuit with some updated LED track lighting. After replacing the dimmer on the track lighting with a skylark dimmer the LED track lighting works great. But today, I thought I'd replace the original fan control (rotary three-speed) with a new Lutron (Hampton Bay) rotary. The old rotary control was causing a flash/pulse (like a camera flash) in my LED lights when I changed fan speeds. I thought maybe it was a electro magnetic problem, which is the reason I bought the new control. Unfortunately, I have the same problem with the new Lutron/Hampton Bay control.

    I also notice that the control's high speed setting has reduced my fan's rotational speed a bit -- although acceptable. Is that a matter of amperage? Wonder if I should buy a control with adjustable settings.

    Anyway, any advice on the two matters would be appreciated. I know someone is going to say run a new circuit, but if there's a fix without having to do that, I'd save myself alot of work.


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    Can you provide the model numbers?

    It doesn't sound like an issue with the circuit. Make sure the device you have is a fan control and not a dimmer.

    Make sure the wiring is correct. Dimmers don't like to be dimmed. If the input voltage drops below 110v or so they will do wild and crazy things.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Thanks for responding, Randy. The model no is 750450. Bought at Homedepot under their Hampton Bay brand.

    The flashing I get from the control happens at the moment the speed contol switches from one speed to another. I'd say the problem is definately related to the switch contacts somehow. Thought about getting a slide type control, but I'm concerned about the noise they supposedly make. Alternatively, maybe I should upgrade to a Diva, so I can set the speed and just use the on/off function.

    I'm also thinking, since LED technology is relatively new, maybe the problem is due to insufficient design standards. Then again, maybe profitability is behind the foregoing of whatever extra electronic part(s) is needed to ensure compatibility. /cynicism

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    Hello boboLSC,

    Thank you for your post!

    Based on the information you have provided this could be neutral interaction. Common neutral interactionis interaction or “cross talk” between dimmers on separate phases in a 3-phase system that share the same neutral wire. When solid-state dimmers are operating, voltage and current spikes occur and are transmitted onto the neutral wire.

    When the fan control changes speeds it could be creating a small surge causing additional line noise, hence the flash.

    Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for LEDs, your theory could be correct as LEDs are more sensitive to line noise.

    Overall, we would recommend trying one incandescent on the track. Incandescent bulbs can actually stabilize the circuit allowing better functionality. If this does not work the only other good solution would be running separate neutrals or changing the fan control to a switch.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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    Thanks Julia. Very informative. Truth be known, I haven't really noticed much flashing since I first installed the control and tested it out. Maybe the control just had to get used to the neighborhood. ;-)

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