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Thread: Wireless Control for Fan with LED Lights

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    Wireless Control for Fan with LED Lights

    Hi. I have a ceiling fan that has is controlled by two separate old school switches (one for light, one for fan). I would like to control them both off of one remote. Is this possible? From my research it seems I could get the PICO remote, the MRF2-6CL to replace the light switch and use with PICO to control the lights which are LED, and the MA-FQ4FM to replace the fan switch...however I think I would have to turn on/off the fan manually if I go down this path. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? TIA.

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    Maestro IR has a fan control, hand-held stick, and is a better price point. There is a forward phase dimmer but it is going to have limited LED compatibility.

    There is a 4-button, 2-group Pico. If you put the fan on a MRF2 switch, it would give you on/off control of both loads. No raise/lower or speed control though.

    If you are not integrating the fan, the manufacturer will probably have a solution.
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    Thanks for the response! I really like the Maestro products, I think I'm going to try that route without the LED bulbs.

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