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Thread: Keypads missing in IOS app

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    Keypads missing in IOS app

    I have two jobs where the keypads don't show up in the rooms on the IOS app. One job seems to be missing all the keypads and the other shows keypads in about half the rooms, but not the others?

    Both of these jobs were installed about the same time and are running Inclusive v6.3.0.

    The job that's missing all the keypads was originally setup with v6.2.0 and all the keypads were there, but seemed to disappear after and upgrade to v6.3.0.

    I stopped by the job yesterday that still shows some keypads and updated to v7.0, but keypads are still missing.

    Haven't come across this before. Anyone have advice?


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    Did you check under Settings/Integration - IDs tab and make sure the box is checked next to the keypad(s) in question?

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    Hi Eric,

    That could be it... I didn't check that, but I will. Wonder if something was buggy in v6.3.0 because both jobs seemed to have this problem after moving to that version.


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    I had some similar funky things happen to one job - be careful, don't hit the checkbox next to "enable for integration" if you have a 3rd party control system, it will un-check all the boxes and when you hit it again, it will re-number all your id's in alpha order which could (will) screw up the mappings on the control system...

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    For some reason, hybrid keypads are automatically unchecked in the integration settings. Normal keypads show up fine, but not Hybrid. This is why some showed and some didn't. Thomod is correct on how to solve this by checking the box in the integration settings.

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