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Thread: Homeworks H-RFP-2P

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    Homeworks H-RFP-2P

    I am a licensed electrician. I have a good background in RadioRa and homeworks systems. I attended class in cooperstown PA and became a PSI. I just got called to a job I did not setup and haven't worked with this particular system. I want to get a list of devices that are on the system so I can get a rough estimate together on upgrading the system. Upon doing some research I found that I may be able to interface with the system through a smartphone app? Am I on the right path and if not is there any software available so I can plug my laptop into the H-RFP-2P and get a list of devices and addresses??

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    The processor model you listed is HomeWorks Interactive which the app does not support.

    Login to your Lutron account. Go to support then legacy products. Choose HomeWorks Interactive and see if you have access to the software. 5.495 is the last version. They had a home owner version which might be available on the web.
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    Thanks for the insight!

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