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Thread: Pico Remote in HomeKit

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    Lutron? Anyone listening?

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    Red face Lutron Pico - virtual switch?

    Quote Originally Posted by scottlitch View Post
    Lutron? Anyone listening?
    Hi Lutron, why can't we add a virtual switch or dimmer in the Lutron Caseta app so we could use a Pico to control a vitual switch that Homekit, Smartthings and others would be able to see as a normal device and use as a trigger for a scene?Are you interested in selling tons of Pico remotes? Currently, I buy Aeotec Wall Quadmote that works well with Smartthings, it is expensive but it does the job. And by the way, this is also what I recommend to my friends and customers. But I would like to recommend Picos because they are less expensive and they can mimic a normal switch on a wall.You can do it!

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    I would love this feature too. I have 3 Pico remotes not being used, and it would be awesome to use them as HomeKit triggers.

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