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Thread: Pico Remote in HomeKit

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    Not that I have done it, but here is a way to do it via the Lutron Integration Protocol with telnet talking to homebridge.

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    Picos are my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
    We appreciate this request and will bring this to engineering and marketing teams to be considered as a future integration feature for the Pico Remote. Thank you very much for your comments and insight.
    I really want this to happen. I would buy pico remotes to replace all of the toggle switches that control my Hunter Symphony fans. I hate that I have Lutron switches everywhere except for my fans. I have 4 of them. The Picos look so much nicer. Hunter fans even show up in the Lutron app. I wish I could use a pico to control them. Lutron, please expose the Pico remote in HomeKit. I would use them over any other brand.

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    I don't think Lutron has any control over what Apple includes or excludes in HomeKit. The Pico is a one-way transmitter. In the Lutron app, you are not actually pushing a button on a Pico. You are telling the bridge to do what ever the ON button for Pico #1 is supposed to do. The other hubs do the same thing for Pico remotes. I'm not sure why mighty Apple hasn't addressed what seems like a simple fix.

    The Pico remote doesn't directly control any load/zone. To control a fan you would need a Pico switch (PD-6ANS) or fan control (PD-FSQ). You could then add a Pico to control the switch/fan control.

    I haven't done it but Lutron says you can control HomeKit enabled Hunter fans though the app. I don't believe you can currently do this with a physical Pico.

    Lutron could make a Hunter compatible Pico, similar to the Sonos Pico.
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    If they made a Hunter Pico, this would solve my problem. Lutron, please make a hunter Pico like you've made a Sonos Pico!

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    I would assume the reverse, Luton has complete control over what's displayed in Homekit and how it's exposed to Homekit. Apple only controls what it could be exposed as.

    You don't actually add any Caseta devices to Homekit, you add the bridge and it exposes Caseta devices into Homekit items. Likewise, Homekit doesn't interact with the switches, it only interacts with the bridge and that interacts with the switches.

    It's possible there isn't any Homekit device that functions close enough to a Pico to map it into.

    I have a Philips Hue Smart Button, linked to the Hue bridge, and it's exposed just fine in Homekit. But, it also means, Homekit sees it as a button and can be configured to do whatever when the button is pressed. It has different functions between Hue and Home apps too. In Hue, there's both a press and a long press. In Home, the only options is Single Press.

    If a Pico was exposed in Home, I'm not sure how it would be exposed. Say a dimmer Pico with favorite button. Would that show up as 1 button, 2, 5, something else? When you push the different buttons, what event would be sent to Home? A button press for each one, on for the on, off for the off, but for a single button, something else? This all assumes there's a Home construct that's close enough.

    Look at the PJ2-4B-GWH-L01, PJ2-4B-GWH-S01, PJ2-4B-GWH-L31, PJ2-4B-GWH-S31, PJ2-4B-GWH-L21, PJ2-4B-GWH-S21, PJ2-4B-GWH-LS21, PJ2-4B-GWH-L41, PJ2-4B-GWH-P01, PJ2-4B-GWH-P02, PJ2-4B-GWH-P03. All of them have 4 distinct buttons with different markings on them. In theory, they could all be exposed to Homekit as 4 distinct buttons each with a Single Press action. Then, you could do whatever you want in Homekit based on that action. Or, do nothing and let the Lutron bridge control it. In the Lutron bridge, each of those 11 different Pico models does something very different, with very different limitations vs each other and they are not interchangeable. I would bet this disconnect between the way the Lutron bridge and design deals with the Pico and the options available for exposing it in Homekit are the stumbling block. There probably isn't a Homekit option that maps directly and they probably don't want to expose all of those models as 4 individual buttons.

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    Come on Lutron, please add this feature!The buttons should each show up in HomeKit as a StatelessProgrammableSwitch. This has been supported in HomeKit since iOS 10.3 (over 2 years). Similar to the Hue Tap switch, where Philips retroactively added HomeKit support:

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    Using the no-longer-maintained Homebridge Lutron Caseta plugin I mentioned earlier, Picos just get exposed as a Stateless Programmable Switch with a number of buttons. Other than the fact that it requires Homebridge (which I’d like to move away from) and that it’s not maintained (which is worrisome), this works great for me. Wish Lutron would just do this. I’d add a screenshot but the forum software seems to be acting up.

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    Picos are a one way remote. They transmit commands only. You cannot query a Pico to get the status of its assigned devices. If you look at the Caseta app, the Picos never show that they are on, even though you can adjust its controlled devices. In order for a device in Homekit to show up, it must get feedback from the device, which Picos cannot do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davisadm View Post
    In order for a device in Homekit to show up, it must get feedback from the device, which Picos cannot do.
    I’m sorry but this is simply not true. Please see my post immediately above yours in this thread. I’m using Picos via a Homebridge plugin right now. HomeKit supports stateless programmable switches as a device type. And Philips Hue officially supports exposing Hue Tap buttons (which are even less stateful than Picos could ever be, since they lack batteries entirely!) using this device type. The necessary HomeKit communication happens with the hub, and the stateless buttons trigger actions.

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    Please expose Pico I’m HomeKit

    +1, adding Picos to HomeKit woul allow me to have 100% of my wall controls be Lutron. I have to use Hunter’s ugly fan control to use their Symphony HomeKit fan. I wish I could map a Pico to the fan’s controls. Pleas make this happen Lutron!

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