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Thread: "dummy" keypads for HQW-NB-NONE

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    "dummy" keypads for HQW-NB-NONE

    For HomeWorks/Illumination, when you ordered a ST(R)-NB-NONE, you use to get those "dummy" keypads which had flat writable "buttons". Then when your clients finally decided on the actual engraving, you would order the engraved button kit and swap it out.

    It turns out that when you order the HWQ-NB-NONE, these "dummy" keypads are no longer included. An exchange with customer service did not get me anywhere. I finally found an old set from a job that I did years ago and it turns out that the "dummy" keypads from a STR-NB-NONE actually fit (and work) on a HWQ-NB-NONE.

    Does anyone happen to know if these "dummy" keypads can be ordered separately and if so, do you have a part number?

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    These button kits were never intended to be sold separately. We also received feedback from our dealers stating that they did not like using these 'temporary keypad inserts' and felt as though they were wasteful. As a result, we no longer offer this component to be sold with the HQW-NB-NONE.

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    that's really too bad; I liked and used them quite a bit…any chance I can get around 20 for my next install?

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