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Thread: Maestro MA 600 doesnt tap on MAR 2 Way doesnt work

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    Maestro MA 600 doesnt tap on MAR 2 Way doesnt work

    I had a combo ma 600 with a remote switch operating 1 halogen downlight and 3 incandescent candelabra bulbs. 160 watts total. Suddenly, remote switch doesnt operate light and main switch doesnt tap on or off. I can use the side dimmer controls to raise and lower light but Wont go completely off. I have swapped both switches for new. I have factory reset switches. Red to blue screw, black go black and white to gold both fixtures. The top led is always blinking. If I factory reset, light comes on, and then it blinks from bottom to top and stays on top. I have spoken to Lytton twice and they say unknown issue and no suggestions. Help!

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    It sounds like you may have a hidden switch. I have found a switch for an upstairs hall inside one of the bedrooms. I have found flood lights that I thought were switched from 2 locations had another switch behind the door in the master closet. If that mystery switch got flipped, your wiring is no ;onger correct.
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    Thanks for the reply. This worked for many years, then stopped working. No additional switches on the circuit for sure

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    Thank you for your post!

    When you replaced the switch, did you replace it with a new MA-600 or another model number Maestro? Do you know if there were any other changes made in the home? I.E. other locations now have LEDs, or new appliances. It sounds like this could be a neutral interaction issue. Common neutral interactionis interaction or cross talk between dimmers on separate phases in a 3-phase system that share the same neutral wire. When solid-state dimmers are operating, voltage and current spikes occur and are transmitted onto the neutral wire.

    To test and see if you have a neutral interaction issue, power down all breakers except the one that powers this location. Unplug everything on this breaker as well and try to use the dimmer again. If it still has the same issue, please email in to so we can further assist you.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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