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Thread: Any way to group rooms

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    Any way to group rooms

    I noticed in one of the demo setups in the Lutron Home+ app there is a separation of rooms by floor. Does anyone know if this is possible through the RadioRA2 Essentials v10.6 software? I'd love to be able to group all of the rooms by floor and all outside zones in an Exterior group.


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    You can manually adjust the position of the rooms on the app when creating the rooms in the software. You can click and hold on the room name, then slide it up or down to the position that you want. Just remember to go into Settings-->Home Control+ and make sure the app is not sorting the rooms alphabetically.
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    You can add a prefix to the room name. If you want groups with no specific order you could use LL for lower level, etc. If you want a specific order you can use numbers - 11 for foyer, 12 for dining, etc.
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