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Thread: 3 way dual half hot outlets.

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    3 way dual half hot outlets.

    I currently have a 3 way switch controlling the top outlets on each side of the bed. One switch is by the master bedroom door and the other is by the bed. The bottom outlets are always hot. If I join the red wires(switched) together, and the black(always hot) together both the top and bottom of the outlets go off with the Caséta switch. The switch has a hot(black) red and black (travelers). I connected the black to one wire of the switch and the red and black travelers to the other black wire. It works, but I don’t want the bottom outlet to go off. Any suggestions. I love the product and have replaced about 20 switches in my home. The is the first head scratcher. Thanks very much.

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    Never mind. I figured a fix.

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