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Thread: DVCL-153P vs DVCL-153PR

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    DVCL-153P vs DVCL-153PR

    There was some confusion on the part numbers for the Diva CL dimmer and we thought it would be a good idea to clarify the difference:

    The 'R' in the DVCL-153PR means "Retail Packaging". These are the same dimmer.

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    My first post! This seems like a good place to start. What does the WH add-on to DVCL-153P mean? (I have an idea...)

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    DVCL-153P with Locator Light

    I am looking to get the Diva DVCL-153P Switch (Padle/Dimmer) that also incorporates a locator light to easily find switch in the dark. Does anyone know the model number or if Lutron makes this model?

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    Hello Brian Birk,Thanks for your post! There is a Diva style dimmer that is rated for LED lighting loads that also comes with the built in back-light for a night light feature. The model number of this control is DVRP-253P and for more information on it, please see our support site @ Please note that this dimmer is a Reverse Phase dimmer and it different than the DVCL-153P. If using an LED fixture that doesn't utilize a screw in LED light bulb it is worth calling the LED fixture manufacturer to confirm if the DVRP-253P is compatible with their product. Hope this helps! -JustinF.

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