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Thread: help converting cfl's to led

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    help converting cfl's to led

    lighting in my church sanctuary uses this ballast EC3DT418KU2 and 18w cfl bulbs.
    what hardware would be required to convert these fixtures?

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    Hello ralphglenn,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, the ballast you have is not UL listed or rated to control LEDs. The easiest way to update from CFLs to LEDs, would be to change the ballast to a Lutron driver and use an OEM fixtures. These fixtures come pre-specified for Lutron Drivers and will be a guaranteed performance and dimming range, with the same control types (3-wire or Ecosystem) as your ballast. You can find a list of these fixtures at The types of fixtures on this list that could replace yours would most likely be "downlights".

    Hope this helps!

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