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Thread: P-PKG1W-WH Remote dimmer switch question

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    P-PKG1W-WH Remote dimmer switch question


    I have two old model remote dimmer switches--no idea what model, but they're Lutron and pretty sure they were installed in the late 2000s, but don't remember exactly. I'm considering replacing them with the P-PKG1W-WH switch, if this model will resolve the issue I'm having with my existing switches, but I'd rather not spend money to replace two of these older switches (that are still in perfect working order, aside from the following) if the new switch is just going to do the same thing....

    When I originally had incandescent bulbs, everything was fine. When I pressed the button to turn the light off, it would dim completely off. Now, with LED bulbs, the bulb remains dimly lit with the switch off. I've put up with this for some time, but I'd like to try to find a solution at this point...

    Would this dimmer switch fix this issue by itself, or would it still require further modifications to the wiring (as stated or implied in another thread in the technical discussion forum) to get the LED bulbs to turn completely off without pulling the little cutoff switch (whatever it's officially called that needs good fingernails to pry and pull out)?

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    It depends on the LEDs you plan on using with the dimmer. We've seen some LEDs stay on, even with the new PD-6WCL-WH dimmers.
    We have a dedicated website that will show you the LEDs that Lutron has tested and approved with our dimmers.
    The website is:

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