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Thread: Alexa Issue

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    Alexa Issue

    I have the Lutron Caseta lighting throughout my house. When I ask Alexa to turn on my kitchen lights, Alexa says, "a few things share that name, which one do you want". I have asked Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights in several different ways like Alexa "Turn on Kitchen Lights", "Turn on Kitchen Light", but I still get the same response. I have checked the app and the Kitchen says "Kitchen Light" in the app. I have reset the bridge and I have asked Alexa to do discovery. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am still having issue with using Alexa. I keep getting the response of..."a few things share that name, which one do you want". I have changed the names of the rooms to something completely different but I still get the message. I have a room label kitchen and then the lights for the kitchen are called pantry lights.

    I have tried to name the lights something different then the room name. Does anyone else have this issue? How Can I fix this? Lutron really needs to fix this.

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    I had this problem at first, it turned out to be my naming convention. When Alexa discovers the device as a light, it is automatically assigned a light type, so when you name the lights in the Lutron app, don't add the word "light" at the end. (That was my first mistake.) Secondly, I made sure to group the switches by a room and not include the room name in the device names. In my case this was not a Lutron or Alexa issue, it was my naming conventions. My room is named kitchen, and the devices are put into that room and each has a unique name, island, cans, above cabinet and under cabinet. To turn on all the lights in the kitchen, I say "Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights" or to turn on and individual light, I say "Alexa, turn on the kitchen island light" and this works well. These align with the Lutron app and the Lutron skill in Alexa.
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    This still not working. Alexa and Siri they donít recognize the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan lights. I have tried changing the names multiple times. All of my other Lutron lights are working. The ceiling fan is on an off/on switch and fan lights are on a dimmer switch. I canít leave Lutron canít fix the problem of naming lights. Like I canít name the lights in the kitchen lights because Alexa says there other devices named kitchen but I donít have any other devices named kitchen. Obviously the room is named kitchen. This has to be an issue for a lot people not just me.

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    Continuing what MattS said, they are trying to avoid you have to tell Alex to "Turn on the kitchen (room) kitchen lights (zone) lights (device) on."

    I know you said you have no other devices in the kitchen but a Pico or a plug-in dimmer named kitchen would also cause confusion.

    Also, other systems connected to Alexa that have something labeled kitchen could be causing an issue.
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