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Thread: Sharing Lutron Home Connect Accounts

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    Sharing Lutron Home Connect Accounts

    Is there a way to allow multi-user access to a Lutron Home Connect Account. What I am looking for is to allow other users in the house access without setting up a generic username and password. It would be nice it you could share the accoutn directly from the app and manage shared users. Thanks.

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    There is not a way from the app, but you could share the user name/email and the password and have multiple devices operate the same system. I have four people running my house if they so desire, and I've kept the user names and passwords for several accounts (with their permission) so I can diagnosis or troubleshoot their scenes.
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    I realize you can share the credentials but that is not an acceptable solution in my opinion. It might work but it's a huge risk and anytime you want to remove someone from the system you have to create a new password and setup everyone's devices again which is NOT cool. The ability to share access and manage multiple users needs to be added to the feature roadmap as many IoT and smart home devices allow this type of user management.

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    Add me into this as someone who wants this feature. Just added the system to my home, and love it but want a way to share the app without sharing my credentials. Guess I'll have to do that for now. Hope to see it in the near future though, considering all my other smart devices have this feature.

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    and while we are at it, sharing should mean that the app as configured is shared, not just access. I want to set the app up once and each new user gets the same experience, not the current setup where each new instance of the app requires a repeat of all customization. It's very time consuming to rebuild the app for each new user on each new device so they get a consistent experience.

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    Has there been any update on this since this thread began in 2018?

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    Thank you for your post benrub.

    At this time we do not have the ability to share the account via a guest account. You can get access but, would need to have physical access to the bridge. We do also have this app note on the Connect App found here at

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