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Thread: Maestro MACL-153M Dimmer NOT TURNING OFF - Flashes/Blinks instead

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    Maestro MACL-153M Dimmer NOT TURNING OFF - Flashes/Blinks instead

    I recently moved into a new condo. I believe we have a Lutron Maestro MACL-153M Dimmer Switch in the bedroom. When trying to turn it off it dimms down to the lowest setting then flashes/blinks. I cannot turn off my lamp through the switch, only manually. We are using an approved Ecosmart A19 60W lightbulb.
    Any help would be great! Thanks!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello mattlabbie,
    Thank you for your post! If you replace the LED bulb with an incandescent or halogen bulb and the problem goes away, this is the result of an incompatibility between the bulb and dimmer. If you replace with incandescent or halogen lamps and the problem persists, I would recommend calling in to Lutron Tech Support @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) to do some additional troubleshooting. If we feel there is potentially a defective dimmer, we will send out a replacement to you.

    Hope this helps!


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    Cl maestro

    After just one month, one of my led can lights will flash really low when you turn on lights, if you turn them on then off right away, they come on as they should but on a “cold” turn on it flashes . They worked fine without any issues til now. There is 8 can lights - they draw 13w and two pendant lights that draw 5w on this switch... currently have just a reg 3way on and off switch going to lights and they work fine , of course no dimming tho☹️.... any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    The "pop-on" you described could be a compatibility issue (even though it worked for a month). I think it is more likely a wiring issue. You can use a mechanical 3-way switch with the CL dimmer but it does require a little different wiring method.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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