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Thread: Maestro for 3-way at top & bottom of stairwell

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    Maestro for 3-way at top & bottom of stairwell

    Is it possible to replace an existing pair of 3-way switches with 2 Maestro MS-OPS5MH? The existing switches are located at the top and bottom of a stairwell. The installation instructions only provide steps to replace one while rewiring the other.

    I'm also a little confused by references on the Internet to MS-AS. My local big box doesn't stock those.

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    For this application, you would only be able to use 1 MS-OPS5MH per set of lights. The other end of the 3 way would need to be a 3 way mechanical switch, which would need to be rewired per the instructions, or use the MA-AS. The MA-AS is the Maestro companion switch, similiar to the MA-R, the companion dimmer. If you are not able to find it in any stores, it is available at

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