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Thread: Maestro MACL-153MLH-WH weird behavior

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    Maestro MACL-153MLH-WH weird behavior

    Hi all,

    I recently installed a Lutron Maestro MACL-153MLH-WH switch for use with a dimmable LED dining room fixture. Everything worked fine initially and I pulled the FASS out and was able to access the advanced settings to set things like high-end trim, low-end trim, fade-off time, fade-on time.

    I was very pleased with the performance.

    However, after several hours post-install, it will now go automatically to level 4 for about 1 min, then fade to level 1 over about 10 seconds and then cycle again: level 4 x1 min, fade, then back to level 4.

    During this time, none of the controls work normally, i.e., the rocker doesn't turn on/off the fixture and the trim tabs don't increase or decrease the light intensity.

    If I pull the FASS switch and perform the "reset to default" procedure, the switch works normally for a period of a few hours and then back to the above situation.

    Any ideas? I'll point out that I'm using this with Kichler LED bulbs, which aren't explicitly noted as compatible.

    However, it works beautifully after reset for a few hours, so it wouldn't seem to be to be a bulb issue per se. I know that certain LEDs don't dim properly with certain switches but this is not a dimming issue, but rather my switch seems to have a mind of its own after reset.

    Any ideas?


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    Find my recent thread I just created "Lutron Maestro MACL not working" I think this will solve your problem

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