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Thread: Dimmer vs led non dimmable

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    Dimmer vs led non dimmable

    I wonder if I can install some Dimmer model PD-10NXD or PD-6WCL with non dimmable LEDs.
    Right now I have only non dimmable leds in my house, but I will change them in the future.
    If I install those dimmers, will the dimmer act as a switch? will it work?

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    At the highest levels, those dimmers are still dimming the lights a little.
    Using these dimmers could cause:
    - Premature failure of the LEDs.
    - Premature failure of the dimmer.

    I wouldn't recommend using those dimmers on non-dim LEDs.

    If you are looking to keep those LEDs, I'd recommend using the Caseta PD-6ANS on/off switch.
    If you are looking for dimmable LEDs, Lutron has a list of tested and approved LEDs at .

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