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Thread: Any Ethernet Surge Protection Ideas?

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    Question Any Ethernet Surge Protection Ideas?

    I would like to start incorporating surge protection on the ethernet link connected to the Lutron processor; what's everyone's favorite add-on for this?

    Does Lutron recommend anything specfic?


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    I love Emerson surge products I have had great luck with them. But keep in mind it is just as important to protect the inner processor link rs422 as well as the ethernet when lines leave the building. Although with Illuminations most likely if you had multiple processors leaving a building you would be using fiber to accomplish communications. Unlike QS you must have the inner processor link hooked between processors in order to have functionality. The ethernet part of HWI only helps on uploading and downloading not on actual communication between processors during normal operation. As a rule of thumb we surge protect every line leaving a building or a residence from an rpm also. Every landscape zone leaving an rpm should be surge protected. If not that voltage will work its way through the whole system.


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