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Thread: Properties Display Column Width User Preferences and other design feedback-

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    Properties Display Column Width User Preferences and other design feedback-

    Hi Tech Support Team-
    I'm frequently finding myself resizing and reselecting columns in the design tab of HWQS. I prefer to see the entire string of the zone name, and when working with wallbox devices, every control station in the project needs to be manually widened to reveal the entire name of the zone. I'm usually reducing the column for the 'model' to about 1" on my screen, and widening 'Name' to 3 inches. Is there a way to set all of these column widths more quickly/easily?

    I would value quite highly the ability to save a User Preference column width for all of these types of boxes and pop-up windows like the assignment screen, and have it apply across projects in HWQS.

    Another handy feature would be an 'unassigned loads' pop-up or window. Right now, if I have 1 unassigned dimmed load, 1 unassigned switched load, and 1 unassigned ceiling fan, I need to drop unassigned wallbox devices for each into a room and then click assign for each type to check and see those unassigned devices.

    I would also like a preference to delete all devices but not the control station. That's pretty low on my list, but it would save a bunch of typing.

    Thanks for this forum, I'm curious if any other programmers have a similar wish-list for design tab functionality.
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    Thanks for the feedback on further personalizing the software. As we continue to develop this software we intend to ensure the user-interface is as user friendly as possible.

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