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Thread: RRD-6CL slow flashing

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    RRD-6CL slow flashing

    New Lutron user here, tried searching for my issue, but couldn't find much. I have a Main Repeater and an RRD-6CL-WH dimmer and I'm just doing an initial test to see if they will work for me. The switch itself works fine to turn on/off & dim the load. Following the Manual Setup guide, when I put the repeater in add mode and then hold down a button for 3 seconds on the switch, it starts "slow flashing" the currently lit LED (on for 3, off for 1). While it's slow flashing if I take the repeater out of Add mode, the switch LED stops flashing and goes back to solid.

    I've factory reset both devices quite a few times.

    I'm planning to drive this system via a Loxone controller communicating over RS232, so I need the repeater to work. Anyone have any ideas for figuring out if the problem is with the repeater or the switch?

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    The slow flash indicates it does not below to a repeater. Once added to a main, the flash significantly speeds up, to about 1 per second.

    If you are going to control over RS232, why are you trying to manually add via push-button programming? It could be possible that your integration won't work because of the old school "walk around" programming. I would call tech to verify. You may need to program via laptop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDR-Mike View Post
    why are you trying to manually add via push-button programming?
    The way I understood it is that my controller would talk to the repeater via the RS232 connection telling it which devices to change. In order for the repeater to talk to the 6CL, the device needs to be added to the repeater first. Perhaps there is a difference between "push-button programming" and programming via PC. I was able to get telnet access to the repeater yesterday and running the command to export the database as XML failed. I'm currently going through the RA2 L1 training course to learn all of this better and gain access to the software. I think maybe I need to init the database on the repeater via the software before I can start adding devices to it. We'll see once I've completed the training.

    Thanks for the reply!

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